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Carmex ® lip balm - the classic from the USA!

Since 1937, Carmex is the absolute classic for lip care from the USA with a unique cooling effect!

Carmex has been protecting, nourishing and beautifying lips for more than 80 years and has always brought smiles to millions of faces around the world. Also in Switzerland.

The story began in a private kitchen in the state of Wisconsin (USA). Plagued by dry, chapped lips, the inventor Alfred Woelbing boiled down extracts from medicinal plants and mixed them with natural moisturizers such as cocoa butter and lanolin. When a tingling sensation on his lips convinced him that the mixture was the right one, he put the balm in small glass jars. Then he closed them with bright yellow lids and initially sold them in the neighborhood. That was in 1937.

More than 80 years later, Carmex is still produced and distributed by the Woelbing family. With the difference that the refreshing effect, the characteristic Carmex tingling and the fresh design now have cult status worldwide.

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