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    khadi Ayurvedic Elixir Skin & Soul Oil SPICY CELL-LITE - Liberating energy booster for your skin. The Body Oil promotes healthy circulation and skin metabolism.

    khadi Spicy Cell-lite Elixir Body Oil kick-starts your skin’s metabolism in a powerful and lasting way and helps your body release metabolic waste stored in your skin. It turns the deposits which we know as cellulite into a furnace for your cells; this combination of ingredients helps you achieve a sleek, tight shape.

    The traditional formula includes Ayurvedic ingredients like long Pepper, Clove, Ginger, and Brown Mustard Oil that have been used in Ayurvedic treatments since time immemorial to revitalize the body and re-energize the cells. At the same time, the blend of essential oils fuels your spirit and strengthens your will to live life to the full.

    The secret to this rejuvenating effect is khadi Spicy Cell-lite Elixir - According to Ayurvedic tradition, Black Pepper, Long Pepper and Ginger, when combined, are more than the sum of their parts. This mixture has a stimulating effect, burns off residue, and promotes healthy circulation.

    Clove and Turmeric also promote circulation into the deepest layers of the skin and have anti-inflammatory properties. Known as a medicinal herb for millennia, Nut Grass has gentle but lasting anti-inflammatory, cleansing, and restorative effects. Cinnamon boosts metabolism throughout the body and helps regulate insulin levels.

    khadi Skin & Soul Elixir Body Oils nourish your skin the way music feeds your Soul - Listen to your skin when it sings to you! Experience the energizing effect of Spicy Cell-lite Elixir Body Oil. Enjoy the feeling as it beads on your skin and enfolds you in its luxurious spicy fragrance. Even as you start to massage the oil onto your body, you will feel your skin’s metabolism revving up as your senses awaken.

    khadi Spicy Cell-lite Elixir Body Oil in combination with khadi Triphala Tritox Elixir Body Oil and khadi Centella New Cell Elixir Body Oil forms the body oil series “Shakti Shape.” Shakti is an Indian goddess symbolizing the primal force of the universe. Our Shakti Shape Series is dedicated to parts of the body that need a little more attention and an energy boost. The oils help restore your skin’s balance and lend it renewed energy.

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    Specific References

    • Goodbye cellulite: The skin metabolism oil that penetrates deep into the tissues
    • With the Ayurvedic power of khadi Spicy Cell-lite Elixir: promotes healthy circulation and skin metabolism
    • In Ayurveda, black pepper, long pepper, and ginger complement one another and can be combined to form a unified whole that stimulates, burns off residue, and promotes healthy circulation
    • Traditional Ayurvedic formula: 100% natural and vegan

    khadi Spicy Cell-lite Elixir Body Oil invigorates your skin right from the beginning, as the energizing magic of our Ayurvedic formula takes hold. Feel the stimulating effect of Spicy Cell-lite Elixir as it energizes your skin’s metabolism and makes cellulite melt away.

    khadi application ritual:
    Take time for yourself and listen to the khadi Spicy Cell-lite application ritual here. It will guide you through a soothing meditative massage that unlocks the full potential of the Spicy Cell-lite Elixir for your skin. Use it to activate one of your deepest energy points – the solar plexus chakra – and release yourself from whatever burdens you. Feel light and free!

    To intensify the effect:
    Use the khadi Massage Glove to massage the parts of your body you want to activate. This opens the pores and gently awakens the connective tissue so that khadi Spicy Cell-lite Elixir Body Oil can penetrate deep into the layers of tissue. Take 1-2 pumps of the oil into your hand and massage it into your skin using small circular motions. You will notice how quickly it absorbs into your skin.

    Important note:
    Both khadi Triphala Tritox and khadi Spicy Cell-lite are highly potent elixir oils that should only be applied to the parts of the body where their effects are needed. Use both of these oils sparingly, and do not apply them to your face, chest, or mucous membranes. Additionally, both of these oils are too high-potency to be used during pregnancy. If you are pregnant, please use khadi Centella New Cell instead.

    Use khadi Spicy Cell-lite Elixir Body Oil in combination with other khadi personal care products:

    • Complementing it with khadi Triphala Tritox Body Oil can help it reach deep-seated deposits and drain them away
    • In combination with khadi Centella New Cell Body Oil, it leaves your complexion soft and toned
    • In combination with khadi Rose Love Body Oil, it strengthens your capillaries and can help prevent or soothe spider veins

    Sesamum Indicum Seed Oil*, Brassica Nigra Seed Oil*, Limonene**, Rubia Cordifolia Root Extract, Citrus Limon Peel Oil, Citrus Aurantium Sinensis Peel Oil, Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Oil, Zingiber Officinale Root Extract, Cyperus Scariosus Root Extract, Piper Nigrum Seed Extract, Trachyspermum Ammi Fruit Extract, Curcuma Longa Root Extract, Acorus Calamus Root Extract, Piper Longum Fruit Extract, Pogostemon Cablin Leaf Oil, Citral**, Cinnamomum Cassia Bark Extract, Linalool**, Cinnamal**, Syzygium Aromaticum Bark Extract, Eugenol**, Geraniol**

    * from controlled organic cultivation
    ** component of natural essential oils
    100 % natural origin of total

    The magical energizing effect of khadi Spicy Cell-lite Elixir Body Oil comes from the khadi Elixir, which is gently and lovingly prepared according to ancient Ayurvedic formulas. It combines individual Indian medicinal herbs, fruits, and leaves to create a magical whole:

    Trikatu: Known as the “three pungents,” Trikatu is a combination of black pepper, long pepper, and ginger. Together, they are more than the sum of their parts: Trikatu has a stimulating effect and can burn off residue and promote healthy circulation.

    Ginger is known for its antibacterial properties: It strengthens and soothes. It also activates and promotes micro-circulation down into the deepest layers of the skin.

    Turmeric contains restorative anti-oxidants and is often used in skin treatments for that reason. Turmeric rejuvenates and gives you a healthy glow!

    Ajwain - also known as carom - has a gentle anti-inflammatory effect.

    Cinnamon promotes healthy circulation and helps the active ingredients penetrate deep into the skin.

    Nut grass: Known as a medicinal herb for millennia, nut grass has gentle but lasting anti-inflammatory, cleansing, and restorative effects.

    Clove: When too many free radicals form in the body, they can damage skin cells as well as vascular and nerve cells. Consequently, a balanced level of anti-oxidants is very important for your overall health – and cloves are the perfect source.

    Let the power of Ayurveda – humanity’s oldest approach to natural healing – inspire you. These khadi Elixir Body Oils are certified according to the strict guidelines of the international COSMOS-standard AISBL for organic and natural cosmetics, and their quality is regularly tested according to the standards of the European Regulation on Cosmetic Products.

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