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Body care with Khadi - Feel comfortable with your skin

With khadi body oils you give pleasant moments of happiness to your skin and soul.

The unique khadi elixir gives the oils their rich effect. Manufactured according to Ayurvedic principles, it ensures a balance between your inner and outer beauty.

Let your senses be pampered by the soothing scent of the natural ingredients and feel how your skin is cared with regenerating moisture.

All khadi oils are 100% natural, nature-certified and vegan - so you experience holistic rituals that are beneficial for body, mind and the environment.

khadi body oil consists of perfectly coordinated herbs and essential oils, which are known for their healing properties: they smooth, revitalize and slow down skin aging. So they relieve dry skin, help with itching, reduce wrinkles and cellulite and bring your skin back into balance. And they also have a beneficial effect on your mind: the essential vegetable oils can revitalize, soothe or cheer you up - depending on the fragrance. Choose your khadi body oil for your well-being.

These body oils are produced from plants and herbs in accordance with Indian medicine Ayurveda according to German natural cosmetic standards. They are free from chemical ingredients such as emulsifiers, preservatives and mineral oil. That is why they are completely harmless to health and particularly suitable for sensitive skin.

Body Care - Body Oils

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