Dr. Belter Bel-Energen Anti-Aging Skin Care Quality Products

Nature & Innovation for Top Performance Care Line!

"Bel-Energen" is the Top-Performance and Trend-Line care line of Dr. Belter Cosmetic. It offers anti-aging products and treatments for women who wish to have both: natural care with organic ingredients and highly effective, innovative actives.

In addition to general grooming properties, the products effectively address the skin regeneration, firming the connective tissue, optimizing energy metabolism and smoothing the skin.

Carefully selected high-tec components such as the biomimetic DLS, Panted Peptides, Antarcticine® und FreshCellsTM are combined with proven herbal extracts to deliver visible care results. All products are free of mineral and silicone oil and parabens-free.

Four Product Groups offer their advanced benefits to the skin, each comprising a cream, a concentrate and a special treatment:

PHYTO-SENSATION - isoflavone replumping care for increased skin firmness

DERMO-RELAX - anti-aging treatment with special focus on the reduction of expression wrinkles

CAVIAR ARCTICA BALANCE - revitalizing repair- and protection care

LUMINATION SECRET - skin brightening care for the reduction of undesired pigmentation


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