AUROMÈRE® Oral Hygiene System

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AUROMÈRE® Oral Hygiene System - natural, fresh and effective!

Ancient cultures knew centuries ago that strong gums and regular oral hygiene belong together. For example, that's why the fibrous chewed branches of the neem tree used as a natural toothbrush. In addition to neem, nature has other effective helpers for us to maintain a stable oral flora and strong teeth. Many plants have antioxidants and contain antimicrobial and fortifying substances.

Over 30 different plants that complement each other optimally are used for Auromère®System oral hygiene.

Your calling card: beautiful teeth, well-groomed gums and a radiant smile

- with the effect of valuable plants - without added fluorides and foaming agents
- particularly mild and rich
- immediate effect for fresh breath
- developed in cooperation with pharmacists and dentists, especially suitable for children (without alcohol)

AUROMÈRE® Oral Hygiene System

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