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Line N

Basic Natural Care for Young Skin!

The Line »N« is the basic care range of DR.BELTER® COSMETIC, containing gentle, nature and biological ingredients. It contains products with simple application and suitable for virtually every type of skin.

The creams in this care range are all 24 hour products, i.e. they can be applied any time throughout the day or night.

In addition to its general care effect, excellent skin tolerance and extra gentle perfuming effect, each product is designed to have specific, individual effects.

In order to maintain and safeguard the maximum properties, tautness and freshness of the skin, the care products in the Line »N« were developed to assist and protect the skin's performance, to improve its moisturizing property and to build up a firmer, smoother texture.

Applied individually or as a combination the products provide for a whole range of variation alternatives. Minor skin problems can be positively influenced and help the skin return to its normal condition.

The preparations in the Line »N« are suitable for younger skins as well as those using a care range for the first time.