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Face Care - Demanding Skin

Natural Skin Care for Mature and Demanding Skin - Instantly Smoothing

The SANTE Anti-Aging skincare series contains precious paracress that gives the skin an instant smoothing effect. Furthermore, the 3-tea-complex composed of white tea, green tea and rooibos tea arms the skin against any environmental influences. Stress, a long evening out on the town, environmental toxins or minor unhealthy splurges compromise the skin. In such cases, the antioxidant effect of the 3-complex-teas benefit the skin.

Our modern lifestyle puts added strain on our skin, which can often lead to premature aging. Skin becomes less firm, causing the appearance of tiny wrinkles to become more visible.

This highly effective, instant-effect anti-aging series is just what you skin needs to camouflage the stress and strains of everyday life.

5-fold effect:
- minimizes the appearance of wrinkles
- prevents cell damage
- supplies moisture
- firming effect
- smooths the skin

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