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Face Care - Dry Skin

Natural Face Care for Dry Skin - Daily Dose in Moisture

The daily dose in moisture provides the new moisturizing care. It contains a specially designed active complex for dry skin which stimulates cell growth and improves the structure of the skin.

Due to low sebaceous gland activity, dry skin is often flaky and chapped with a feeling of tightness. A lack of moisture can lead to premature aging. Therefore, dry skin requires sufficient care to back the lack of moisture and minimize dry patches.

The active ingredient complex found in this series of products designed for dry skin, is comprised of Organic Inca Inchi Oil and Shea Butter, that are rich valuable Omega 3 fatty acids. These substances stimulate cell growth while improving the structure of the skin.

A 12-Hour Hydration Boost for a long-lasting pampering experience.