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  • khadi Ayurvedic Hair Mask - Deep Charcoal Cleanse
khadi Ayurvedic Hair Mask - Deep Charcoal Cleanse
Cleansing + Care: Amla Activated Charcoal cleanses down to your pores... Read more

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Intensa Specialities

Intensa Specialities - Intensive Care, healthy radiant Skin!

The »intensa« care series encompasses intensive products, suitable either for all skin types, or to address particular beauty issues or special skin situations for occasional application. The application spectrum addresses individual skin deficiencies, effectively supporting the natural beauty of the skin and its youthful radiance.

Active beauty treatment ...... at DR.BELTER® COSMETIC - this means taking an individual approach to the special needs of the skin with the help of special preparations, highly concentrated effective substances, activation of the epidermis, adding natural effective substance compounds or exquisite oils and fats to the products.

»intensa« - Specialities give vitality and beauty to your skin.